Presidential Healthcare center

We provide the same Preventive Executive Physical Program as received by the President of the United States.

About Presidential Healthcare Center


The Presidential Healthcare Center is the premier executive healthcare practice in the nation’s capital, specializing in providing the same comprehensive executive physical as received by the President of the United States.

The Presidential Healthcare Center was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Elting, who used his experience as White House Physician, Medical Director for the association of 18 regional hospitals, and research visits to study healthcare systems in 40 countries to design the Center’s all-inclusive Presidential Healthcare concept. Subsequently, in order to incorporate the advantages of the top rated hospital system in the U.S., he established the Center on the Johns Hopkins Medicine Sibley Memorial Hospital complex.

What we do:

We provide our patients with the most intensive examinations possible. Our physicals include sophisticated laboratory tests, high-tech imaging studies, and advanced biophysical procedures–the same ones administered to current and former presidents. Each executive health program is custom-tailored to individual patients, taking into account their specific risk factors, lifestyle choices, family history, and future health goals. Our executive health programs also include a mid-year assessment to track trends and to ensure that patients are healthy all year long. As always, primary care is free for our patients for the rest of the year–and unlike most practices, our patients enjoy 24/7 access to the doctor.

What makes us different:

There are plenty of executive health programs out there. Most, however, simply can’t stack up. Our health programs are always personalized; we know that medicine isn’t one-size-fits-all. And while most executive health practices send their patients back to their primary care doctors as soon as their executive physicals are complete–regardless of whether patients actually have one or not– we provide the most attentive primary care available, around the clock. What’s more, we offer our primary care free of charge. Dr. Elting essentially becomes the medical representative for every patient, finding them the best available specialists when needed or wanted, and ensuring that patients get the care they deserve in a timely fashion. At the Presidential Healthcare Center, we take the hassle out of healthcare.

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